Lettering with the Masters :: Avril Orloff, July

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Lettering with the Masters :: Avril Orloff, July

Heather Leavitt Martinez
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This year-long lettering journey is inspired by a different master each month. With a sneak-peek into their studios and practices, we will have the opportunity to learn how those working as visual practitioners, calligraphers, and graffiti artists use the same tools we use—and introduce us to new ones—to make letters. So grab your markers and let’s go!


This month we get to visit with Avril Orloff, known in our industry as THE LETTERING QUEEN!

Avril Orloff is one of Canada’s senior visual practitioners, who has been animating meetings with her graphics since 2006—though she notes that she actually started drawing on walls as a small child (much to her mother’s chagrin). Her fascination with letters also dates back to childhood, when she found a book titled “The Art of Freehand Lettering” at the library and borrowed it every week until she mastered the serif, sans serif, script, and Old English letterforms contained therein. This is not normal behaviour. But it stood her in good stead, especially when she discovered graphic recording and realized she could actually make a living by combining her penchant for drawing on walls with her love of letters! Who knew. Since then, Avril has been using visual tools and processes to help individuals and groups gain clarity, reach alignment, and tell their stories in clear and compelling ways, bringing to her work a keen listening ear, a lively sense of humour, and a deep commitment to help groups move toward their goals in the most enjoyable and meaningful ways possible.


In this ~1 hour session, Avril takes us through how she uses the following markers:
  • Charter
  • Neuland NoOne
  • Neuland BigOne
  • Neuland ArtMarker
  • Sharpie FlipChart

She covers:

  • Rapid Capture Lettering
  • Script
  • Titles
  • Embellishments
  • Visual Words

Downloads included when you purchase this course:

  • Exemplar (7 pages)
  • Miscellaneous Titles pages (2 pages)
  • Demo notes (5 pages)

Please be patient as the PDFs and video downloads. It may take a few minutes.

To sign up for the entire year and save $120, visit: Http://www.LetsLetterTogether.com

©2018 Avril Orloff & Heather Leavitt Martinez

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