Lettering with the Masters :: Rosanna von Sacken, June

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This year-long lettering journey is inspired by a different master each month. With a sneak-peek into their studios and practices, we will have the opportunity to learn how those working as visual practitioners, calligraphers, and graffiti artists use the same tools we use—and introduce us to new ones—to make letters. So grab your markers and let’s go!


This month we get to visit with Rosanna von Sacken, known in our industry as a visual facilitator but she is also a calligrapher who specializes in chalkboard lettering and brush lettering.

Rosanna's story is inspiring because she became a lettering geek not that long after taking a brush lettering class.

Rosanna believes that lettering can be therapeutic and creative at the same time. She letters when she feels stressed, inspired or imaginative. When combining lettering with flourishes and drawings, a new world opens up. It is fun, easy and adds to her graphic repertoire.


In this ~1 hour, 30 minute session, Rosanna uses a small brush lettering marker to demonstrate script and print brush lettering. She also covers flourishing and shares some examples of her work.

Be sure to have the following markers on hand:

Large Brush Tip: Neuland ArtMarker or similar brush tip marker/pen
Small Brush Tip: Fudenosuke or similar brush tip marker/pen

Also included:

• Examples of different brush nib pens and markers
• Script and print exemplar including guidelines for practice
• Four pages of demo notes from the session

Please be patient as the PDFs and video downloads. It may take a few minutes.

To sign up for the entire year and save $120, visit: Http://www.LetsLetterTogether.com

©2018 Rosanna von Sacken & Heather Leavitt Martinez

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Lettering with the Masters :: Rosanna von Sacken, June

0 ratings
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