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Designed with the visual practitioner in mind, Lettering Journey is a how-to, exemplar book inspired by a cross country road trip and the letters found along the way. This practical guide gives you the freedom to be fast. It includes eight lettering styles that are designed to be learned quickly and used to letter with Neuland markers on paper in real-time, in front of your client.

Each chapter of Lettering Journey

• starts with a short story of how the lettering style was inspired,
• identifies markers to use,
• outlines the best use of the style (when and where), and
• lists the attributes of each style.

Some styles include a ductus—showing the direction and order of each stroke, written at 100% and in grey so that you can see how the strokes join and cross. Each chapter includes examples by visual practitioners in the field and how they use these styles in their work. The book also includes foundational tips and best practices when lettering.

There are 3 ways to purchase this book...

1) Get the kit! Neuland is generously offering a full-color version of the book and select markers at http://www.Neuland.com.

Here is a direct link to the color book with Handlettering kit: https://us.neuland.com/learning-tools/learning-kits/handlettering-kit-book-bundle.html

Handlettering kit with book - Item no.: 9100.0068

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Heather Martinez, visual practitioner and lettering artist has shared her lettering tips at two International Forum of Visual Practitioner conferences (Austin and Washington, DC), Euviz Denmark and VizConf in Melbourne. She travels and teaches worldwide and offers online courses.

Online resources including PDF downloads of templates and video tutorials are available at www.LetsLetterTogether.com.

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Lettering Journey :: Fast. Functional. Fun!

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